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fête emilie 2021
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joy at the emilie de villeneuve residence in castres on October 3, 2022


Our sisters Marie Reine and Paule -very happy 

October 3 is celebrated with the residents of the Emilie de Villeneuve nursing home. Sisters Adélaïde and Jeanne Hermine organized the afternoon with a short slide on Emilie's life and the continents where we are present. At the end of the presentation, we offered them short videos of choreographies from Benin, Pakistan and France. The joy was at its height! The song "Ah le petit vin blanc" brought back good memories and everyone started singing, even our sisters. It was simply beautiful! We let you discover the video.
May Saint Emilie continue to support our courage. Amen.

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Celebration of religious professions in Senegal this August 11, 22