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29 novem

neuvaine de l' immaculée conception  2022

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prions ensemble Marie,
l' immaculée,
avec la neuvaine de la congrégation  du 29 novembre au 8 décembre 2022

1st DAY, November 29


We contemplate with MARY IMMACULATE

"the creative and creating dance of the "God Alone" Trinity, around the fire...” it launches us towards the risk of dreaming, creating, designing and shaping together in reciprocity.

Today as we begin to pray the Novena to the Immaculate Conception, we become part of that meeting of souls and hearts that decide to celebrate and feel in Common-Union. Each one at their own pace, with their different forms and ways, but united by the same Charism.

We are all called to let our Horizons inspire us, speak out and nourish the Encounter.

As Sisters and Laity, we are encouraged to see in a synodal manner our journey towards the General Chapter No. 44; and AROUND THE FIRE as the Great Blue Community that we are on the way to celebrate the Immaculate Conception, we want to continue choosing to discern and act, to embrace diversities, to sustain the hope and dreams of so many, to encourage them, to continue letting ourselves be moved.

This inspiring “Trinitarian” horizon is linked to the experience lived by Mary in the Visitation, in the Magnificat and by Emilie in the conversations with her father.

In the womb of Mary Immaculate, the Trinity embraces us, makes us one in nature, a divine dance of three people who love each other, who embrace each other so fully that each one becomes "one" with the others. In her mystery, she offers us a model of social communion for the Blue Community, for the world.

The Trinity calls us to create communities that respond to this life-giving and love-generating dance so that we can say that “the Trinity is the best Community”.


We suggest this song in Spanish or you may choose an appropriate one in your own language:

We invite ourselves on this first day to go on a pilgrimage with Mary Immaculate and Our Good Mother to Hauterive and to imagine her confiding to us at the Table of Stone.

"This stone table is a special symbol for me!

It knows my secrets and my searches, my dreams, my plans... Since I was a little girl, I loved to sit at it. It was our table for games and discussions. Years later, as a teenager, I would sit at it to read and to dream... for me it is the table of my questions, my doubts, my dreams, my glimpses of possibilities, my fears and insecurities about different paths towards the future.


There came a time when I saw myself, in the midst of darkness and light, living with the Vincentian Sisters, who had a community in Castres. Making such a decision was a serious matter. I realized that I needed to share my searches and my doubts. Our Lady of Hauterive helped me to see more clearly each day what the right path was for me, my best choice, to be myself and to experience the joy of being in the right place, but I also needed others to sit with me at the table.


I spoke at length about my plans with my friend and confidant Coraly. I consulted with a priest friend and one afternoon I found my father reading in the garden, sitting at my table... I took courage and told him my secret, "Papa, I want to be a Daughter of Charity, I want to serve the poor". The dialogue was difficult, he did not understand me and his proposal was to consult the opinion of other people, among them my aunt and my siblings: Leontine and Ludovico....


            Only my heart and my stone table know how hard it was for me to accept the proposal made to me of waiting four years... once again, Our Lady sustained my courage(...)

That period of waiting helped me to strengthen my option in the midst of questionings and difficulties and to realize the importance of the help of others in key moments of choices and decision making.


            A friend of my family, upon learning of my decision, presented me with the possibility of a different project: to create something new, to found a community to take special care of girls, the young women of Castres who needed accompaniment, help, support... once again the questions, the doubts, to discern which was my path. It is not easy to make serious decisions, to make a project become real... Finally, I saw more clearly, my heart calmed down and I made my dream come true. Over the years, I found myself at many crossroads and my stone table was the icon that accompanied my searches.”

(Text from the adaptation of Sr. Emilia Maria Calvo of “My Emilie” by Coraly de Gaïx )

The Word also accompanies and enlightens us (Luke 14:13-17).


 “But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind. And you will be blessed because they cannot repay you, for you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.” One of the dinner guests, on hearing this, said to him, “Blessed is anyone who will eat bread in the kingdom of God!” Then Jesus said to him, “Someone gave a great dinner and invited many. At the time for the dinner, he sent his slave to say to those who had been invited, ‘Come, for everything is ready now’…” 


-We pose for a moment in silence, letting what we have heard resonate in our hearts:

We are seated at the table, around the fire....

ThinkingFeeling: the COMMENSALITY of eating together. It helps us to think about the root of what this invitation means; (con) means to share, and (mensa), table: Sharing the Table. In the Word we discover and recognize that it is God who prepares the table for us, an inclusive table, full of stories, feasts, celebrations, projects and dreams. There we perceive his merciful heart and share the Bread of Life.


We continue sharing what we have been reflecting on at the table "of the Word" and around the fire.


  • How do we prepare our table to share with others?

  • Who do we invite to share at our daily "table"?

  • What things do we allow to happen around our table?

  • What new dreams, horizons, are we perceiving at the table and around the fire?


Let us become more aware of each of our questions, our fears, challenges....


This is why we say on this first day of the Novena:


All of us together renew the desire for the encounter.

The "Stone Table" accompany us again, as an announcement of a Synodal Community that moves forward, that is capable of making memory, rereading, rethinking, projecting and celebrating what has been lived. Table of Encounters, of transforming conversations", where each one will listen to his/her own voice and the voice of many others who will freely add their views, points of view...; becoming part of it and leaving their mark.


All of us together in the great dance of life.

Around the fire, we want to continue gathering in the warmth of a table served,

in the warmth of the feast of Mary Immaculate, of our Next Chapter. This warmth sustains our spirits along the way, gives us the possibility to continue community conversations, to revitalize our life and strengthen the bonds that make us more brothers and sisters, making daring and courageous decisions. As communities we are part of the "dance" and the path of God.


Let us walk together.

Mary Immaculate, new woman

With a pure gaze


At the beginning of this Novena, we are gathered

and we ask you to join us in the circle of encounter

around the table and around the fire.


Accompany us to dream and plan together.

Teach us to overcome fears and individualism.


 (Each one can express his/her requests and gratitude to Mary Immaculate)


We feel a call: Courage, there is still a lot to do! And together we encourage each other to set forth on the journey. Amen

And let us say to our Mother:


2nd DAY, November 30


 “The mysticism of open eyes reveals to us the dream of God, the Oikos (common house), and allows us to contemplate "God in all things and all things in God.”


Welcome to this moment of grace. As you arrive here, we invite you to open your eyes wide and look carefully to everything you are able to see, both the big things and the smallest details.



Today we begin our second day of the preparatory Novena to the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception and the 186th anniversary of the founding of the Blue Sisters. Drawing from the Gospels and the 2018 Inspiring Horizons Document, we meditate on the theme, "The mysticism of open eyes reveals to us the dream of God, the Oikos (common home), and enables us to contemplate "God in all things and all things in God." Let us invoke the Holy Spirit to open our inner eyes.


Hymn to the Holy Spirit: Unpredictable Breath

R/ Spirit of truth, breeze of the Lord, Spirit of freedom, pass through our hearts.

  1. Unpredictable breath, Spirit of God, Wind that revives, Spirit of God

Wind of storm, Spirit of God, opens our windows, Spirit of God.

  1. River of living waters, Spirit of God, Song of the other side, Spirit of God

River of the long voyage, Spirit of God, take us to the sea, Spirit of God.

  1. Fountain of Wisdom, Spirit of God, Well of Tenderness, Spirit of God

Fountain for your people, Spirit of God, Flow in our homes, Spirit of God.

  1. Joy given to mankind, Spirit of God, Feast of the Reign, Spirit of God

Joy of the Gospel, Spirit of God, Make us Signs, Spirit of God.


Reflection on the theme

The mysticism of the Open Eyes establishes a new order of faith relationship that implies an openness with two movements, the external and the internal.

-To see, we must first decide to physically open our eyes, and the eyes must be healthy in order to reproduce a vision as close as possible to reality.

To see interiorly, we must adjust our gaze to God's gaze, an action made possible by the breath of the Spirit. It means to embrace God's gaze about Godself, creation, creatures and myself. This divine gaze that fertilizes my own opens me to a new relationship that makes God transparent or, as St. Emilie used to say, a gaze that sees and makes us see God alone in everything.

-In this world so rich, diverse, full of opportunities for life, but also full of shadows and death. In this world where a minority, the COP27, decides the future of all, we need to open our physical and inner eyes to see God who is there and who calls us to go out to join him. Our world inhabited by his presence is called to be transformed in him.

The mysticism of open eyes is a synodal path because it promotes listening and openness. It creates new bonds, more human and fraternal relationships where God is recognized.


Word of God: Song of the three youth (Hymn of the universe), Book of Daniel 3:49 - 90.

We invite each person, group or community that reads or proclaims this Word of God to look interiorly and physically at the mysticism of the open eyes contained in this hymn of the Bible. Even in the heart of the furnace, God is with his people and saves them.


Time of interiorization

Each person shares what they have seen externally and internally. What has moved their inner self and set them on a missionary journey like Mary at the Annunciation, at the Visitation, at Cana, at the foot of the Cross and on the morning of the Resurrection.


Time for sharing

Each person shares what she has seen externally and internally. What moved her in her heart and made her go out like Mary at the annunciation, at the visitation, at Cana, at the foot of the cross, and on the morning of the resurrection.



The "Oikos" or common home, this world that God has created and offered us, cannot live and flourish without Him. The mysticism of open eyes invites us, like Mary Immaculate and St. Emilie, to find Him where He is already present, particularly in the poor, in the little ones. Also, in our own lives where there is brokenness, fragilities.... Let us open our eyes, God is there before us.


Final song: interpreted by the students of the CSMJG/Libreville (or any other of your choice)

Ref : Mbolo wé, mbolo wé, mbolo Maria Mbolo wé