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the missionary life of the blue sisters in the world 

the mission in amazonia with the itinerant team - sister Joaninha


Sisters and brothers of the crossroads. After the first leg of roaming the Rio Negro, we traveled 108 km up the Cacuquiari River, going as far as we could in the days left for this leg of the mission. And we arrived in one of the largest Yanomami villages. It was impressive. Nearly 200 people in this village. A Maloca full of people. Many children. Need pastoral care for children with plants for verminosis. Nutrition, basic health care. Many needs.

The communities of different peoples were very warm and welcoming. We were received with joy and openness so that we could continue to visit the villages and support the Maowaria of general languages, Curipaco, Baré, Guariquena, Baniwa.

We came back tired from the trip but happy to have been able to be where the Church and the State are not there. On the Venezuelan side, many structures, ghost communities. Many houses, few people. Huge educational structures without schools... another world. On the Colombian side, we see a little more progress. Teaching is provided in the boarding school from Monday to Friday, when the students return home. And other difficulties.

On the Colombian side, it is the Xaverian Fathers of Yarumal who deserve and on the Venezuelan side, the Fathers of the Holy Family. At the border. But the high rivers are abandoned. The situation is not easy. Fuel and living costs are very high.

We have come to gather data, to know the reality so that with other entities we can discern what can be done. I would like our sisters from Paraguay who are in Caracas to be able to add to this mission on the borders and crossings.


Thank you all. Today we will begin our descent. Yes, down the Rio Negro to São Gabriel. But we are already late because of the rain this morning. Goodbye.

Sister Joaninha CIC